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Hey Metalheads, are you ready for something different?

Are you ready to let your guard down, and soak in the

eclectic stylings of GUIDO LISIOLI,

vocalist and song writer of Soul Apart?

The answer remains to be seen and heard!

You can hear why this band has the name it does.

And SOUL APART is a perfect name for this incredible

band. After listening to it, from begining to end,

you must close your eyes, and just listen!

If you place yourself within the the music, behind the

words, you get the sense of what SOUL APART

is all about.

This music is not your ordinary metal.

Let that guard down absorb the feeling,

the emotion, the soul of this band from Argentina.

There are several elements to this soulful music, and each

will touch you individually.

I get the sense of romance and pain, as seen through


The music is real music, and heartfelt.

It takes you back to the "old Country".

It is sort of an escape from the reality of what is today.

GUIDO LISIOLI vocals are melancholy,

through most of Soul Aparts music.

This is the point, this is the emotion, the soul behind the music.

However, Guido belts out the vocals in the 'progression' of

"Point of Departure" as well in "Rose of the Swamp",

and "the Always and Forever"

With music to back it all up, with the same emotion and

soul as in the words.

And you witness the power of giutarist "EDU" FONSECA.

Rounding off the rest of the SOUL APART line up, we

hear, "KEKY" GONZALEZ on keyboards,


and ALEJANDRO MOORE on drums an percussion.

So Now the question is, are you ready for Soul Apart?

Can you let your guard down to experience this beautiful,

emotional, and soulful music?

Dont you deserve a copy of this recording

for your music collection?

May you all enjoy Soul Apart,

and let the raw emotion in your very lives!

Dave Softee

Metal Messiah Radio

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